The hair and wig industry has grown like hair on a Chia pet.  As a result, the number of black hair wigs, extensions, and hair accessory options to hit the market have followed suit. So how does one go about shopping for quality black hair wigs without feeling overwhelmed? 


Here are a few things to consider when selecting quality black hair wigs.

1.       What is your budget?  The price of black hair wigs can range anywhere from the cost of two movie tickets to the equivalent of a small car depending upon the quality of the hair.  Most wigs purchased in beauty supply stores are machine made and cost from $15 – $100 dollars.  Custom made wigs that are handcrafted and constructed can range anywhere from $600 to several thousand dollars.  Once you decide upon your budget, you can shop online or visit your local beauty supply store for black hair wig ideas. 


2.       Synthetic hair wig or Human hair wig? The hair sourced for human hair wigs can come from as far as Brazil, China and India. Human hair wigs have a more natural or real hair look because of the softer texture, the cuticles have been left intact and have undergone minimal processing. You tend to have more styling options because you can flat iron, hot roller set, even color and perm human hair.  Human hair wigs generally cost about 20% more than synthetic wigs.  Synthetic wigs have come a long way from the obvious “wiggy” look generally associated with them in the past.  Although they don’t look as real as most human hair wigs and don’t’ tend to last as long, they do have some advantages.  First, they tend be less expensive.  Secondly, a lot of women appreciate the low style maintenance of synthetic wigs. They keep the hair style of the wig even after washing.  So your beautiful curly wig will still have the same bouncy curls pattern without any additional styling by simply letting it air dry.


3.       What type of wig should I buy? Black hair wigs come in a variety of styles.  Depending upon your styling needs, you have the choice of top closures, which can be used to fill in bald spots, full wigs that cover your entire head, and the half wig which allows you to leave a portion of your hair out and blend in with the half wig.  And you always have the option of having a custom wig created just for you.


This should give you a good starting point for going out and purchasing fabulous black hair wigs.  If this is your first wig purchase, I would suggest going into the store and trying them on. You will gain valuable perspective on wig quality, proper fit and style options.  Happy shopping.

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